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Tiny Crab by Sapphire2kG Tiny Crab :iconsapphire2kg:Sapphire2kG 0 0 Ocean by Sapphire2kG Ocean :iconsapphire2kg:Sapphire2kG 0 0 Highway to.... by Sapphire2kG Highway to.... :iconsapphire2kg:Sapphire2kG 0 0 Butterfly In Spring by Sapphire2kG Butterfly In Spring :iconsapphire2kg:Sapphire2kG 0 0
Poetry Collection Volume 1
I Love Him
I love him more than anything
He is everything
The sun that brightens my day
The light that guides my way
The air that I breathe
He's everything and more that I need
I can't imagine life without him
It's like swimming when you can't swim
Drowning from pain
Losing everything we've gain
I love him so
He has a golden glow
That no darkness can ever defeat
Not even an entire fleet
My love grows everyday
In every capable way
I would never leave him
I will always be true to him
Because, I will always love him  
Come Back
Why did you have to go away?
And leave me behind with all this pain?
I can't make it everyday
Without you with me
Please come back to me
Hold me in your arms
Tell me you love me
And caress me, fondly
I'll give anything to see your face
To hear you breathe
To feel your touch
To hold your body close
I wish you would come back
Come back to me
Tell me you love me once more
And hold me till you can't anymore
I'm lost in obscurity
If I can't
:iconsapphire2kg:Sapphire2kG 0 2
I'll Love You for Eternity
I'll Love You for Eternity
When light turns to dark
And the ocean is no more
When ice forms the land
And as heat rise up from the floor
No matter what may happen
I will love you for eternity
And when the sun rises no more
And when the stars are no longer visible
And the planets stand still
And as Mars kisses Earth
Nothing shall stop me from loving you
When the trees no longer grow
And the animals cease to exist
And as acid rain befalls the planet
My love will still remain
Not the destruction of the nine planets
Not even the existence of all life forms
Even if Hell freezes over
My love will still remain yours
:iconsapphire2kg:Sapphire2kG 1 5
Our Love
Our Love
You are my strength to go on
You are my will to be strong
You are everything I need
The wind that carries me
The gentle breeze that embraces me
The fire that burns though the darkness
And nothing can stop my love for you
It grows stronger with each passing day
And there's nothing no one can say
To stop me from loving you
Your touch gives me the power
Your voice gives me inspiration
Your love gives me hope
Hope that we will make it
That nothing can stop us
That no one can defy our love
Together we can defeat this law
They say that love conquers all
And I found it to be truth
Bury deeply beneath the lies
That no matter what
Our love shall never die
:iconsapphire2kg:Sapphire2kG 1 5
Naruto - The Power of Love Ch1
Disclaimer: I don't own Naruto or any related characters. If I did, Sakura would've definitely fallen for Lee-kun. XD
AN: I honestly don't know where this idea came from. Something a little different from what you may be used to. Note that I never had any children yet and don't plan on it for a while, so I really wouldn't know how a teenager, with an unplanned pregnancy, would feel. I watch Lifetime, 'kay? XP
(After the adding of the title) Oh my god, that title even sounds like it belongs on Lifetime!
Special Thanks to my friend; EnduranceInTribulation for Beta-ing my story for me and helping me out when I needed it. Yay for you!
Full Summary: What would happen to a sixteen year old Sakura and a seventeen year old Lee when they are met with a life altering decision? Such a decision could break their relationship or make it even stronger than it was before.
Warning(s): Implied Sex, duh. Sakura and Lee (duh, again), teenage pregnancy (duh, a third t
:iconsapphire2kg:Sapphire2kG 7 10
Every night
I wait for you
Silently hoping
That you'll come through
The cold air brushes against my skin
Trying to chase away this sin
I shouldn't love you, but I do
This feeling in my gut
Won't let me pursue
What I desire the most
Which is you
I want to feel, when I'm with you
I want to believe, that this is true
I want to allow such things to go without consequences
And to allow you to lower your defenses
Is it wrong, the way I feel?
Can't this feeling, just be a little bit real?
I want to love you without incident
But, we'll just keep going through all this torment
:iconsapphire2kg:Sapphire2kG 4 2
Star in the Sky
Star in the Sky</i>
There's a star in the sky
That's just for me
There's a star in the sky
That's just out of reach
There's a star in the sky
That holds my breath and soul
That star in the sky
Is for me to hold
There's a soul on earth
That's just for me
There's a soul on earth
That's just out of reach
There's a soul on earth
That takes my breath away
That soul on earth
Is all I need
That star that's out of reach
Is the star to my heart
That soul that's for me
Holds the keys
To releasing my happiness
And setting me free
:iconsapphire2kg:Sapphire2kG 0 0
Without You
Without You
Without you, I don't know what to do
Because you're gone forever
And I can't see you again
But I miss you
And I need you
Why did you leave me?
Why are you so blind?
I'm lost without you
I'm lonely and cold and heartbroken
Because you are not here
With me to wipe away my tears
As they fall to the cold hard ground
I need you
And I want you
To return to me
Because I love you
And I miss you
And I don't know what to do
When I'm here without you
:iconsapphire2kg:Sapphire2kG 0 1
I Just Want To Say
I Just Want to Say
What can I say?
What can I do?
I keep trying to get next to you
But something always goes astray
How do I feel?
Is this all real?
I keep wishing for you to listen to me
Just listen to my plea
Can you really see me?
Am I just a ghost to you?
I'm down on my knee
Listen to my plea
I want to know what's true
What can I say?
What can I do?
I want you to know
That I love you so
:iconsapphire2kg:Sapphire2kG 0 1

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I haven't really had time to do much art or photo shooting. But I want to at least get back on the wagon! For now, I'll browse until I post something good. :)

i'm back, baby!

Journal Entry: Fri Feb 22, 2013, 7:18 AM

Maybe, although I realize it has been years since my last update. (Also, isn't this journal skin cool? I like it. Thanks to ~jennyleigh for this wonderful skin!)

Right now, I'm going through past submissions and cleaning things up. Throw out the old and in comes the new! :)

I don't really have much to say right now, so until next time. Look out for me. :)


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